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CIPFA Nearest Neighbours Model Consultation

68060.jpg Consultation on the CIPFA Nearest Neighbours Model for local authorities in England has now closed.

Developed to aid local authorities in comparative and benchmarking exercises, specific family groups can be generated based upon a wide range of socio-economic indicators.

Each local authority is unique. Not only are its social and physical characteristics different to those of other authorities, but its traditions, organisation and practices are distinctive. The CIPFA Nearest Neighbours Model attempts to adopt a scientific approach to measuring the similarity between authorities, taking many of these issues into account.

Used across both local and central government, the model has importantly been used in recent years within the Audit Commission’s value for money profiles. Originally developed in the late 1990s, the model and groupings have not changed for a number of years. In order to reflect change to local authorities in this time, the model has been updated to include more recent information.

The updated model is now live! Details of the update including changes to each authority’s closest fifteen comparators can be found in the related files.

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