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Nearest Neighbours Model

posted 23rd May 2014

The 2018 version of CIPFA’s Nearest Neighbours Model for English authorities is now available for purchase. This model includes enhanced analytical features, including additional graphical outputs to better help you understand your neighbours. Subscribers to our CIPFAstats Full Internet Access subscription will be able to download this model straight away. Click here for further details and to access the latest version of the model.


Audit Commission Area Profiles

posted 1st August 2006
An Area Profile provides a rich picture of the quality of life and public services in your local area.

The following pages provide you with comprehensive guidance on how to create an Area Profile. They also provide a wide range of data and assessments about your area and how it compares to others.

Area profiling will be particularly helpful to councils and their partners in Local Strategic Partnerships (LSPs) and to central government and national agencies.

Nearest Neighbours Model: Methodology Note and Instructions

posted 15th November 2005
Access the statistical methodology behind the nearest neighbours models together with step-by-step instructions of how to use each of the models available.

CIPFAstats Current Datasets

CIPFAstats Current Datasets