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Fees & Charges

Fees & Charges

Are your service charges in line with your peers?

Many authorities are hardly scratching the surface in exploring and exploiting the many income generation powers and options available to them. Options some authorities are now finding can not only make a real impact in generating additional funds, but can also bring more autonomy, independence and a reduced reliance on central government support.

One of the key drivers of income generation is the discretionary fees and charges levied by local authorities. To that end, CIPFA is launching a new Fees & Charges Benchmarking exercise.  Following on from our successful Income Generation Profiles and Income Generation Management Reports, the new exercise will drill down into the discretionary charges levied for key services and allow local authorities to fully understand what their peers are charging for similar services. 

Only by understanding how your charges compare to those of your peers will you be able to develop informed strategies around charging for services.

  • Should we be charging more?

  • Are our charges fair?

  • Should we introduce a charge for this service?

  • What is a sensible charging mechanism?

  • Should we charge less?

  • What are our peers doing?

  • Should this service be free?

  • These are some of the crucial questions that the new exercise will answer.

This new service is launching this autumn.  For more information and to take part, please see our website.

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