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Purchase your 2016-17 Local Authority Budget Profiles

Purchase your 2016-17 Local Authority Budget Profiles

Do you know if and where your costs are higher than average? Do your costs reflect your council priorities or might they point to areas for potential savings?

CIPFA and DCLG released the 2016-17 Revenue Account Budget Estimates (RA) on 30 June. In order to help you get the most out of this important data release, CIPFA have developed a set of Local Authority Budget Comparative Profiles. These popular profiles will be available to you by the end of July.

The in-depth analysis contained in the profiles enables you to examine how your budgeted service costs compare to those of your peers. It provides key decision-makers within your authority with a quick, inexpensive way to engage with the 2016-17 RA data to support evidence based decision-making.

This detailed set of profiles will provide you with an invaluable analysis in plenty of time to support your 2016-17 business planning process, for just £475 plus VAT (Counties and Unitaries) or £325 plus VAT (Districts).

The Local Authority Budget Comparative Profiles are part of a suite of three profiles which also includes the Local Authority Expenditure Comparative Profiles and the Accuracy of Financial Forecasting Comparative Profiles.

Access to example reports and details on how to order can be found at our website.

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