Research and Analytics


CIPFAstats was established as a partnership between individual local authorities and CIPFA over a century ago to provide an essential and comprehensive framework for reviewing the efficiency of locally provided services, helping users to manage their resources more effectively.

CIPFAstats have developed to become the leading independent source of comprehensive data about local government services, currently undertaking 24 annual surveys of local authority operations, capturing information on all of the main activities from Education and Social Care through to Housing Services and Waste Management.

Datasets and publications provide financial and non-financial information for local government managers engaged in comparative analysis and performance measurement and users of have access to more than 15 years of downloadable data, in addition to a range of interactive and visual tools to help with their analysis of the numbers.

Please view our latest brochure  and code of conduct for further information about the service, browse our list of publications for more details about the extensive range of areas that we cover or access our sign-up page to find out why you need access to CIPFAstats today.

CIPFAstats Current Datasets